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Emergency Response Officer Basic incl E-learning

This course is intended for people who are appointed as emergency response officers (ERO) within their organization. An ERO is trained to provide first aid, to combat a starting fire and to start, help and assist in case of an evacuation.

This training is intended for those who are appointed as emergency response officers within their organization. An ERO-team is trained to provide first aid, to combat a starting fire and to start an supervise an evacuation while waiting for professional rescuers.

This basic training consists of two parts:

  • E-learning basic emergency response officer
  • Practical day emergency response officer

Al the theory for the practical day is included in the e-learning. The e-learning consists of two modules: First Aid and Fire Fighting & Evacuation. It is possible to stop and resume the e-learning at any time, so it does not have to be completed in one go. Both modules must be completed with a positive result (multiple choice questions) prior to the practical day.

After completing the e-learning, the participants must participate in a practical day. If they actively participate in this day and have mastered the practical skills, they will be certified as an emergency response officer.

During the training, the most common injuries/diseases and fires are treated and a general deployment procedure is taught during an evacuation. For specific business risks (e.g. working at heights), additional training or instruction will be required.

Topics that are covered

  • Alerting according to procedure 
  • Approaching a victim
  • CPR & AED
  • Recovery position 
  • Applying bandages
  • Disorders 
  • Awareness
  • What is fire
  • Fire classes
  • Extinguishing devices
  • Extinguishing a small fire
  • Reasons for evacuation
  • Procedures & communication

Teaching material

The login codes for the e-learning are emailed to the participants before the practical day. Both modules are concluded with a theory exam. Both of these must be completed with a positive result. After this, they can participate in a practical day.

Course duration and times

The course consists of an e-learning and one practical day. The practical day is planned from 08.30 – 16.30. Coffee/tea with a snack and an extensive lunch are included.

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