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Working with a Forklift basic

This training is intended for novice forklift drivers. During this training you will learn how to handle the forklift in a safe and responsible manner and what risks are associated with it.

Achieve your forklift certificate in 1 day

Achieve your forklift certificate in 1 day with our practical training in Breda. An obtained certificate is valid for 5 years. Do you have a previously obtained forklift certificate which has expired? Check out our forklift refresher training.

Topics that are covered

Theoretical part:

  • Legislation and regulations
  • Forklift risk
  • Knowledge about forklift
  • Damages and costs
  • Traffic and safety regulations
  • Forklift load chart and loading

Practical part:

  • Inspecting the forklift
  • Driving skills: operation and control of the forklift
  • Safe loading, stacking and unloading
  • Working with pallet and drive
  • Battery and motor maintenance

Teaching material

The theory books are handed out at the start of the training. AOC Snijders has its own training center where the practical part is given. This offers the possibility to preform various exercises.

Course duration and times

You can obtain your forklift certificate in 1 day with an extensive course at AOC Snijders. The training times are from 08.30 am to 16.30 pm. Coffee, tea and a lunch are included.

Forklift training for companies and individuals

AOC Snijders provide training for companies and individuals. You can register separately for the basic or refresher course, but you can also request a tailor-made course for your organization.


Kaoutar uit Breda

"Ik vond het weer erg leerzaam!"

Kaoutar uit Breda
Kaoutar, uit Breda

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Sandra, Coördinator opleidingen

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